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Full Service Landscaping and Hauling

I specialize in personalized landscaping in all shapes and forms.

From regular landscape maintenance services such as mowing, brush clearing, and post hole digging, to bigger projects like retaining walls, drainage ditches, grading, and land clearing, I will work with you to help improve your property.

Since 1997, Mike's Hauling and Tractor has helped many satisfied Northwest homeowners improve, understand, and fully utilize their land.

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Landscape Services

Call Mike at: (425) 392-6990 (anytime before 8:00pm)

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Get a Free Estimate on Your Landscaping Project - Just Call Mike!

When you call or Contact Mike's Online, I'll schedule a time with you for a free On-Site estimate.

When I come out to your property, I'm always happy to answer questions and address any concerns you may have.

I'll discuss some landscape design options with you and help create a solution that best fits your landscaping needs. After developing a satisfactory plan, we can schedule a time to complete the project.